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Public Health Services

Public Health Services

August 11, 2015

Priory Mechanical originally specialised in Public Health, with many of our long term operatives trained as plumbers. Our senior staff are Members of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing.

Some companies shy away from public health services, whereas we embrace it and incorporate/co-ordinate this discipline with the other services we offer. By offering this, we can provide a one stop shop for all the building services required within a building, from Cast Iron Drainage to the Lead Roof work.

We have worked with some clients carrying out Public Health for over 30 years, installing in excess of 2 kilometres of cast iron suspended soil and rainwater pipework on one recent sports stadium; also involving disposal of rainwater from various terrace levels though purpose made stainless steel channels.

Some of the contracts we carry out have to stop for a period of time for major events to take place, and we are hence always thinking ahead of the most cost effective way of using our services as a temporary measure during these times. This forward thinking will save the client time and money on hiring in temporary services.

We have also built up a wealth of knowledge with regard to Sanitary ware, from basic contract items to bespoke items for high quality residences. We can assist the client/architects, select suitable sanitary to suit current bye-laws, water services distribution system and building fabric structures.

The list below highlights some of the Public Health services we provide. For specific details please refer to our project section on the Web page.

  • Soil & Vent Pipework
  • Rainwater Pipework
  • Rainwater Disposal from Roof/Terrace Areas
  • Hot & Cold Water Services
  • Sanitaryware
  • Surface & Foul Water Pumping Chambers
  • Underground Water Services – MDPE
  • Irrigation Pipework
  • Lead Roof Work


We also carry out design and installation of Renewable Energy Systems, please see our Sustainability section.